“Let the peace of tomorrow, begin today”. 

Susie Mulholland



Through positive thinking you can break the cycle of negativity in your life. 

Through Louise Hays healing techniques and positive philosophies you can learn how to create more of what you want in your life including complete wellness in body, mind and spirit. 

Become a workshop leader and show others how to achieve these outcomes as you continue on your own personal healing journey.  Contact us for more details on becoming a certified Heal Your Life workshop leader. 



Become a Licensed Heal Your Life®

Worskhop Leader


Since completing the training seminar I have seen some really fantastic changes in my life.  I am filled with energy and have an abundance of time to do everything I want and need to do.  Things that use to be a hassle are now a joy! and a huge change is my general attitude.  I see my life as being very positive, with a few challenges thrown in, instead of seeing my whole day as being stressful and using that as an excuse to collapse when I get home.  I appreciate my loved ones more than I ever have.  I enjoy the time I spend with them and let go of the "little things"... I also have more time for myself too.

I am very excited now to share these skills with my Heal Your Life workshops where I can assist people to live the life they dream of"

Shannon Wood, ACT 



"Are you reading to dissolve your past limitations?  Then I recommend that you spend a week with a group of fantastic people who will become friends and family for life while you heal your life....

It's now your time to move forward with love and support.  Susie and her team will lovingly guide you with total support and training.  You are in safe professional hands.

Damien. Melbourne

"Wow, I just cannot put into words the incredible sense of wellbeing I am currently experiencing after attending the 7 day Heal Your Life course.

I know in my heart that this is the perfect job for me and I am created perfectly to fulfil this amazing role of workshop leader.

Susie, you are a very gentle yet powerful workshop leader.  Your workshops glide with ease, and you make it seem so effortless.  I love your passion and obvious love of humanity. 

It was quite simply  the most profound and increadable week of my life

Keep on shining beautiful Susie....you are a big big star in the universe of life".

Kylie Williams, Sunshine Coast.


"Wow, what a full, amazing and value packed week... so worth every cent and more... Susie and her assistants looked after us beautifully.  I feel confident to go out and lead Heal Your Life workshops.  Thank you so much.

Amanda Edwards, Victoria



"I am still overwhelmed by our amazing week and your beautiful aura Susie.

Susie, you and Pete are so truly inspiring, both individually, and as a beautiful couple and partnership.

I read lots of your testimonials before I arrived in Port Macquarie so I already knew it was going to be a fantastic week, but I never expected what actually happened. 

I don't think anyone will quite understand those feelings of pure love and joy that were shared, until they actually do it themselves. 

The healing I experienced was all I ever dreamed about, but there was so much more than that. I absolutely cannot thank you enough Susie.

 It comes from the most special place in my heart. Diolch yn fawr,"

Victoria Vaughn W.A.


"The opportunity to participate in the two day HYL workshop, then immediately continue on to the training as a workshop leader interspersed with further personal growth work, in such a safe and positively energised environment has been an enormous privelege. 

Susie, you are a masterful facilitator in every way.  It is humbling to be a recipient of your expertise"

Liz Weatherly NZ


“This 7 day course has been amazing in propelling me forward on my personal journey.  It has given me the confidence to expand my whole consciousness and awareness, to love and accept everyone, especially myself.  I am now looking forward to being on the next phase of my journey, stepping up to help, heal, inspire and gently guide others on their journey wherever they may be in life”

Melissa Gibbons Victoria



“There are no words that can express my experience and gratitude:  People have to experience this week for themselves to really understand how amazing it is on all levels.  I feel so blessed and grateful that I was lead to this beautiful training seminar.” 

Glenda Starr-Paekau, Hamilton New Zealand

"I created a terrific bond and connection and I love this philosophy.  I feel very complete and whole"....

Leonie Girvan Victoria



"Susie and her assistants ,pictured above, are wonderful leaders.  This week has changed my life in ways I had never imagined! Thank you so much for your love and support."

Sarah Lanskey, Melbourne


“The workshop leader training experience has been so beneficial for my own personal healing journey.  I am totally filled with excitement at the thought of helping others to empower their lives through Louise Hays philosophies.  Thank you Susie for your support, wisdom, teaching and love over the past week - Simply Amazing”.

Megan Townsend.  Tasmania



“What an absolutely beautiful way to spend a week of your life!  

Not only given the amazingly beautiful experience to dig to deeper levels of my healing and spiritual growth but to also meet new friends who are like-minded.  I have made exceptional bonds with the most beautifully spirited and spiritual women (and Pete) who are all heart!!

I am going home with tools to not just be a fantastic workshop leader but have memories of an experience I truly treasure.  

Thank you with Love "

Ronelle Slaby, Sydney


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7-14 March 2015

Port Macquarie NSW


For more detailed information

or to register please contact us 



7 day Workshop Leader Training:

A dynamic and inspirational group come together ...from all walks of life

We welcome you... and we guarantee you one of the best weeks of your life at the 7 day Teacher Training and personal healing program





Heal Your Life workshop leaders, love Louise Hays work, apply it to their life and they are very passionate about sharing the workshops with YOU... would you like to attend a 2 day workshop instead of becoming a workshop leader?  CLICK


"A totally inspiring, best week of my life!  All my expectations for the workshop leader training were met and more.  Susie is an exceptional workshop presenter and a wonderful role model, she truly is an amazing Heal Your Life presenter.

Sue Lewis NSW


"Susie and Pete are absolutely loving, compassionate spirits and very professional in all aspects of the training.  The whole week was more than I ever expected.  Very grateful to have made the big trip and had my training with these beautiful energies.  Highly Recommended

Shannon Soosay, Alberta, Canada



"It was the most fabulous week of my life.  I wish that I did this 10 years ago.  I have now also found the courage to create the life that I dream of. Thank you with Love".

Libby Plaza - Sunshine Coast


Heal Your Life Coach Certification

23-29  November 2014

Port Macquarie NSW

Once you have completed the 7 day workshop leader training and certification course, you can then become a Heal Your Life Coach. Some more information on being a HYL Coach

Contact us for more details on the next Coach Certification Course in November



"A fantastic opportunity to develop new skills and techniques in life coaching.  I look so forward to putting them into practice in my business"

Mae Steele

"Thank you for a week of incredible learning and training as a Life Coach. Your delivery of the course gave us space to learn new skills and space to preactise these skills.  I have come away with a new passion for the teachings of Louise.  Can't wait to now walk my talk"

Judy Abbott S.A.


Janeen Kydd-Smith -New Zealand  

“What an amazing experience this week has been for me.  I thought I had come to be trained as a workshop leader, but I have gained so much more than that – I have been on a treasured journey of self-discovery in a supportive, safe and loving environment.  It’s been such a blessing to spend a week with kindred souls.  Thank you Susie as your dedication, teaching and diligence in your work is a joy to behold.  I cannot thank you enough!”


Susie Mulholland is the Teacher Trainer for Australia & New Zealand 

"I am grateful for Louise Hay's healing work as it has guided and assisted me in creating amazing positive changes in my life. 

These changes are complete in body, mind and spirit.     




Iam now given the perfect opportunity to inspire and teach others on their journey of self love & self discovery and to embrace a true sense of purpose and direction.

I love my life , my work and I support you completely as you achieve your dreams."

Susie Mulholland  






"Susie's passion and enthusiasm was nothing short of amazing!  I loved it, the whole week.  Susie has given me the tools needed to feel confident in presenting the Heal Your Life workshops.  I can not thank you enough".

Deral Weir, Yanco NSW


"Totally inspiring week of my life.  Susie is an exceptional workshop presenter and a great role model"

Sue Lewis  NSW






"Thank You Susie, for investing your time, for providing a safe, sacred loving environment, and for sharing your knowledge, love, support, with warmth and gentle comfort. Susie, as you have imprinted the many hearts of our own, know that this will surely be passed on to many

others.  Thank you for making this week available to us,

this was the BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE"  

Emma Cross, QLD

"I highly recommend the Heal Your Life® workshop leader training program.  You will receive so much more than you could ever imagine.  I can not explain in words just how much support you are shown to go out there and make a real difference in the world".

Tracy Milich.  Auckland NZ




"change your thinking, change your life"

Louise Hay









"The teacher training course has definitely changed my life, Susie was more than awesome, and showed me the meaning of unconditional love and so much more, she is a blessing to the world! And so glad I listened to myself to actually do the course in the first place".

Jo Woodham QLD



"Wow my life has changed dramatically in the last week.  Susie's course has taught me so many amazing things that are helping me to continue on jy journey of self discovery, self improvement and happiness.  I am so thank ful to have done this training seminar.  Thank you susie, the WHOLE week was absolutely wonderful"

Jan SA 



 "Fantastic course to take me where I want to be in my work life... and more...Now I can begin !!  Thank you"

Kaybe McMullen NSW



Click to learn more about the workshop leader certification course based on Louise Hays  philosophies and teachings.

contact us for more detailed information on the workshop leader certification course


Say YES to Life


17-24 May 2014

Port Macquarie NSW

This course has been filled.....